Other banking services


EFG offers a comprehensive range of bank accounts including:

  • Current accounts for banking operations involving payments
  • Current accounts in foreign currencies for clients who conduct banking transactions in foreign currencies
  • Savings accounts for short- and medium-term savings goals and as a cash reserve

If you wish to invest in precious metals, EFG gives you the option of buying or selling physical metals or of purchasing and selling them through a metal account.

Custody services

We offer valuation and custody services. EFG can hold your assets – from securities to  documents, jewellery or works of art – in safe keeping.

Foreign exchange and treasury

Our services comprise foreign exchange (spot and forward), vanilla and exotic foreign exchange options, interest rate derivatives and yield enhancement strategies.

We provide structured deposits with returns linked to currencies, interest rates or equity indices, including products tailored to individual client needs.

Client reporting

At EFG, clients can decide how often they want to be informed about the status of their banking relationship and select their preferred channel of communication (physical mail, hold mail or eBanking). We can also provide clients with different types of tax statements that are fully compliant with country-specific regulations.