Credits and financing

Property finance

Specialist advice on property finance

Our experts work closely with your Client Relationship Officer to provide you with specialist financing advice that is tailored to your specific financial situation.

Our property financing services are offered on a selective basis in a number of markets and as an add-on to our private banking service. We can also work with partners to provide a range of property finance solutions.

Investment finance

A flexible financing solution

We offer a range of financing facilities that can be used to help construct an investment portfolio. They are secured against the lending value of the client’s diversified portfolio of liquid, marketable collateral such as cash, bonds, shares and funds.

The two main types of facility are:

  • Overdrafts. Current account overdrafts are available to cover short-term financing needs, with an interest rate based on current market rates.
  • Fixed Advances. We offer loans for a fixed period of 1-12 months, with an interest rate based on Libor and set for the specified period. These loans can be renewed on a rolling basis.