Financial Place

Centrally Located in East Asia and with a rapidly growing Mainland China as its neighbour, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an international business, trade and financial hub. Building on its traditional free market economic policy, Hong Kong has developed into a modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan services economy, underpinning the role of the city as a global business platform. A finance, trading and shipping centre of world stature, the city also supports a major film industry while also serving as a regional design and innovation hub.

Hong Kong topped the ‘60 largest economies’ in the Globalisation Index in 2012 released by Ernst and Young and the Economist Intelligence unit. Around 70 of the world’s largest banks and 10 of the world’s top 20 insurers have operations in Hong Kong and the city remains a preferred location for multi-national companies building a presence in Asia.

Hong Kong is an important strategic choice for EFG and represents an alternative financial center for private and institutional clients.